Residential & Commercial Roof Repairs Perth

MJ Metal Worx is a trusted name in the roofing and construction industry. We provide quality and professional repair and maintenance services for metal roofs throughout Perth.

  • We quote and complete every project ourselves, to ensure client satisfaction
  • Quality work – we are often called to fix up others' mistakes
  • Fully qualified, licensed and insured company
  • Small organisation, which enables us to provide our clients with an exceptional service

There are a number of factors that can require a roof to be repaired or replaced. Age and damage from weather are the most common factors, but poor roof design and bad installation can also dramatically reduce the life of a roof.
If your roof is damaged or needs maintenance, you can trust MJ Metal Worx to provide fast professional repairs and a permanent solution to your residential and commercial roofing problems. We believe that the prompt and reliable service we provide as well as our standard of workmanship is what set us apart from other roofing specialists and contractors.

By having your roof inspected and carrying out regular maintenance you can increase the life of your roof and could save you the cost of replacing your roof entirely in the future. Having your roof repaired by a professional roofing company like MJ Metal Worx the first time will allow you to save money, avoid leaks and possible serious damage to the roof and the contents of your building while also possibly identifying and rectifying other issues that could cause you problems at a later date.

No matter how big or small the job may be, our team of qualified professionals have the skills to deliver a fast and permanent solution to any of the issues you might be having with your roof.


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